Sonic Advanced v4

by 11up

In Sonic Advanced, we join Sonic and his friends as they yet again race against time to prevent Egg Man from completing his machine of ultimate destruction, the Death Egg.
*With Damizean's Sonic 360 v2 engine at it's heart, it has the best possible slope and loop detection any standard Sonic fan game should have.
*Sonic Advanced features 9 zones, each Zone has 2 full length acts and a boss.
*Sonic Advanced can be played using either of 7 characters. All playable characters include Sonic, Tails, Amy, Cream, Knuckles, Shadow and even Blaze.
*All of the levels are jam packed with enough loops, springs, rings, enemies, and rail grinding to make your head spin! You can also search for the seven Chaos Emeralds in fully 3D stages!
*Sonic Advanced also features a full blown COOP mode for 2 players simultaneously ! More than one person can also choose the same character.
*Don't forget you can also make your own custom characters for use in actual game play, using just an animated gif maker and your picture editing program of choice.
*The options mode has been deeply expanded, including Sound test, Screen Modes with advanced setting and Joypad configuration for Player 1.
A new feature has been added called "Strainless" mode that greatly improves speed in Single Player mode, at the slight cost of graphics. Perfect for running SA on slower CPUs.
*A recent update has allowed OGG playback, for a much more authentic sounding Sonic Advance experience. You can still revert to MIDI playback by editing the SAData.ini file.
*The Sonic Advance themed Chao Garden is here too, with drastic improvements since the Beta Garden.

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Released 2008-02-11
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