Super Smash Battle 3D

by sakisa

Advanced fighting game in style of 'Sonic Battle (GBA)' with the
most famous characters with their voices like:
Mario, Sonic, Pikachu, Link, Samus, Spongebob and more
Advanced AI enemys, with difficulty options
Beautiful 3D environments including more than 10 maps:
Battle Highway, Peach's Castle, Kokiri Forest, Metal Depot ...(and more)
Interactive 3D menus

*Story Mode has been redesigned to fit better in the game and it's now complete
*Added difficulty Options
*2 new characters (complete the Story Mode 3 and 5 times to unlock)
*Added 1 new map (Kokiri Forest )
*[Story] Added the final boss with his own level (unlock all the 6 doors to open the final one)
*Complete the game with every character to unlock his special ending card (available from the extras)
*All the enemies are now included
*Replaced some textures in some maps
*Fixed the Screenshot button
*Bug fixes and some graphics has been replaced

Tags: super, smash, battle, 3d, sakis, sakis25

Released 2008-02-07
Category Arcade
Rating 3.7 (by 1398 users)
Downloads 76668
Version 2
ID 24709
Slug super-smash-battle-3d