***UPDATED**** Changes - Unlocks easier to achieve - game itself is faster, enemies appear more quickly, there are more chances to upgrade - fixed minor bugs-

Themextris is one game featuring thirty very different playing experiences. This is just a model for a much bigger game i hope to make - a sort of gallery for different visual styles and graphics. Please let me know which ones you prefer, as i'd like to use 3-5 of them in another, full game.

Features - 30 unique graphical themes/styles - 30 unlocks including 29 more graphic sets and 1 hidden feature - excellent graphics in a range of styles including pixel art, pseudo-3d, vector art, hand drawn and others,

Tags: themextris, themed, themes, shooter, shooting, shmup, endless, unlock, unlockable

Released 2008-02-04
Category Shooter
Rating 3.9 (by 12 users)
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Version 6
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