Worms! 1.71

by Mordi

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*Hotfix (1-71) added august 28*
*Update (1-7) added august 27*
*Update (1-6) added July 13*

A frag-fest with unlimited possibilities! Featuring ultra-smooth graphics, and unparalleled sound and music! The bots outsmart you with every chance they got, and the range of customization options will get your knickers in a twist!

- Stat-tracking and settings are automatically saved.
- Up to ten bots, plus up to two players.
- Tons of custom options.
- A heap of awesome weapons, including many different grenade-types.
- Three modes of play: Slayer, Oddball and CTF as well as all those in team variant!
- Make your own maps to play on!
- Customizable controls.
- Create your own worm!
- Original, awesome graphics!
...and lots more!

Released 2007-05-24
Category Shooter
Rating 4.1 (by 726 users)
Downloads 34920
Version 9
ID 2247
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