Particle Designer 2_3

VERSION 2.5 IS OUT!!!!!!:

This program helps you to design effects for your game, or even other things such as logos, banners, etc. It exports the script to the cliboard or to a gml file, making it easy to put the particle system right into your game. You can also take screenshots and use a code editor in the program.

It includes a easy to use and good looking interface, with a tab system and menu bar. It also contains a codebox for testing right inside the designer! You can even save the system and code in a pdsf file for PD. Have fun!

(The full version includes GIF animation, and multi image-format support for sprites and backgrounds)

Tags: particle, maker, creator, designer, program, part, game, easy, export, quick, alert

Released 2007-05-24
Category Adventure
Rating 3.9 (by 189 users)
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Version 13
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