Miami Traffic 3

by spiros

*This used to have 22106 plays.*
In the aftermath of a plane chrash above the south beach area a hitman is assigned to recover the cargo of the plane. The cargo is valuable though, and many other factions have optained shares of it. The hitman is there to take it from them.
But may he have other business as well?
not to forget great thanks to GMEngineer for giving me an example of a more complex and realistic driving engine to show me the way. Also not to forget, great thanks to newgames for a few of his models and textures.

Tags: gta, nazi, zombies, zombie, fun, arcade, cat, funny, miami, tropical, graphics, driver, racing, scarface, 3d, drift, platform, race, cod, sandbox, freeroam, boat, ocean, city, shark, airplane

Released 2013-12-06
Category Adventure
Rating 4.4 (by 25 users)
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Version 5
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