Super Mario Strikeback

by WEEE200

Important: Press F1 to view full info and directions on how to play. It will also explain what is included in this game.

Update - 6/7/13
Fixed Shroid Freeze bug/glitch
Fixed Battle Freeze bug/glitch
Fixed a bug where Mario became invisible in the overworld
Updated UFO scripts

Story: A unknown object has resurrected all of Mario's past opponents! He must stomp on all his past enemies as well as stop whoever is responsible for this mess!

This game has a overworld and a battle engine similar to the M&L RPG series.

Extra: If you would my RPG battle engine, let me know and i'll see what I can do. Also, please report any game breaking glitches (If any) so I can try to get them fixed.

Unfortunately this game didn't come out exactly how I hoped it would. Let me know what you think of it!

Tags: mario, luigi, super, shroob, goomba, ufo, alian, fight, battle, engine, lord, chump, princess, princessshroob, extra, overworld, rpg, strike, back, strikeback, marios, also, opponent, peach, daisy, apple, glitch, report, save, enemy, enemies, ahh, resurrected, past, future, time, travel, unknown, mecha, sonic, ball

Released 2013-05-17
Category Platform
Rating 4.0 (by 5 users)
Downloads 640
Version 6
ID 216855
Slug super-mario-strikeback