Update: 10/4/14 update, bug fixes
Update: 9/29/14 release, new level
Update: 3/16/14 release, new level
Update: 7/22/13 update, bug fixes
Update: 7/15/13 release, new level
Update: 3/16/13 update, bug fixes
Update: 3/12/13 release, new level

A WIP fan-game based on MLP:FiM and Castlevania.
The game plays similar to older castlevania games but with the RPG elements from some of the newer ones, such as leveling up and equipment. You can play as 1 of 3 types of ponies: earth, pegasus, or unicorn. Each type has its own skills and abilities. There is also a 2-player co-op mode available.

Tags: pony, castlevania, platform, fangame

Released 2012-11-03
Category Platform
Rating 4.6 (by 28 users)
Downloads 34055
Version 11
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Slug ponyvania