Missle Masters

by WEEE200

Missle Master
WEEE200 (Sam A)
NEW!!: Over 100 levels of gameplay!!!!!! 😊
This is a very simple puzzle game were you have to click on missles to activate them forward. Crash into switches and objects. Collect all the Color Gems(Red,Blue and Green) to clear the level! Don't worry about picking up the yellow Gems, as they give you bonus points/coins. The game never restarts on you, you have to click the restart button in the top right corner if you feel the level has became impossable. Pressing this button costs you one of your 15 lives that you start out with. To gain a few extra lives for more restarts, collect the heart power up whenever it appears. Sometimes, collecting these power ups may be a challange. How far you make it? Play through tons of levels and see if you can make it to the end!!! 😊

F1: View help file (Your currently looking at it)
Arrow Keys: Move around camera (If its a scrollable level)
W,A,S,D: Same as Arrow Keys (For scrollable levels)
F4: Toggle between Full Screen and Standered View
F9: Take Screenshot of current state (Saves to folder that the game is in)
Mouse: Clicking on missles activates them
D: Delete any saved data and start from scratch

Tags: super, mario, bros, luigi, peach, yoshi, game, yoyogames, fun, challanging, level, enemy, bowser, boom, bomb, shine, glow, yellow, red, blue, green, run, live, life, lives, end, less, click, mouse, save, data, missle, master, masters, scratch, is, in, rocket, ship, flare, fire, any, glitch, score, purple, orange, hard, easy, med, medful

Released 2012-09-17
Category Puzzle
Rating 4.0 (by 7 users)
Downloads 60
Version 5
ID 204534
Slug missle-masters