A side scrolling Shmup (Shoot 'em Up).
(View the controls in game by pressing F1)

This is a difficult game! It is intended to be difficult! So don't be discouraged! Every try you'll get better!

The year was 5032 A.D.

Mankind had slipped into the inevitable meat grinder of a nuclear holocaust. Those who had the resources to avoid it delved deep into the underground to avoid the fallout, and built a civilization that rivaled the one that existed before the nuclear attacks.

Those who weren't fortunate enough to escape into the mass underground dwellings were whisked away as the missiles flew. But, they were able to preserve themselves. DNA samples were kept in a reanimation center run by the International Cryogenic Engineers. It is here where you were born.

Play through missions to discover the mysteries of a post-apocolyptic world where two species of human have emerged in the outcome.

Tags: competition01, shmup, shooter, winter, ice, snow, nuclear

Released 2007-12-21
Category Shooter
Rating 3.7 (by 167 users)
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Version 4
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