Go on an epic quest with Saru the monkey as he battles monsters and rescues mystical beings known as Stargazers!

Arrow Keys: Move
Z: Jump/Select
X: Attack
C: Use Saru's Tail

Tags: firestyle, themegajord, cyanwolf12, monkey, story, platformer, original, game, indie, enemies, water, fun, wild, hunters, games, treasure, hunt, world, animals, wolf, tiger, dragon, rhino, mario, sonic, kirby, demons, minions, creative, power, ups, fire, wind, lightning, talisman, magic, sound, bubble, zoo, wildlife, raccoon, blazer, adventure, yay

Released 2012-07-27
Category Platform
Rating 4.7 (by 98 users)
Downloads 9223
Version 4
ID 202335
Slug wild_hunters