Apocalypse - 3D FPS

A project I'm currently working on. Apocalypse is 3D FPS with advanced 3D graphics and gameplay. I am not done at all, because the game is still undergoing a reconstruction. The goal "will" be to evade scary zombies (not included yet) and escape this doomed country. Hope you will enjoy the demo.

- ADSW - Walk
- Mouse - Aim + Shoot + Zoom
- F - Open Door
- Space - Jump

Tags: 3d, fps, game, maker, first, person, shooter, beta, demo, work, in, progress, wip, gamma, zombies, shoot, zombie, gun, spas, twelve, infected, hazmat, blood, not, host, yoyo, games, realistic, physic, light, source, engine, fire, revolution, shooting, muzzle, flash, bloody, red, gaming, fart

Released 2012-07-04
Category Shooter
Rating 4.3 (by 35 users)
Downloads 4343
Version 3
ID 201267
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