Ship Survival

by WEEE200

In this new survival game you have to see how far you can travel by avoiding many obstacles. The levels are different every game with multiple zappers, missles, moving lasers and lava! Every round or level you pass earns you credits so you can buy items to make the game a bit easier. There is many power ups such as Shield, Boost, Nuke, and Speed to blast your way through the rounds. The game starts off very easy but picks up speed every time you clear a level. Holding space activates powerups that you have reserved. You can buy multiple item combos in the store to try to get the highest score possible! How far can you get to?

Tags: ship, survival, weee200, mario, luigi, game, maker, fun, survive, round, based, gametype, run, missle, dodge, zap, zapper, zapped, strategy, nazi, zombies, zombie, work, in, progress, all, give, boss, bosses, shield, boost, nuke, release, title

Released 2012-06-19
Category Strategy
Rating 4.0 (by 5 users)
Downloads 38
Version 10
ID 200586
Slug ship-survival