Sonic The Hedgehog -- Game Land

Sonic the Hedgehog — Game Land is an incomplete Sonic fan game which builds on the events of Sonic Colours, telling the story of a planetoid named “Game Land”. The gameplay style is influenced by the official game titles Sonic Rivals and Sonic Riders. Race and battle your opponents across 5 graphically polished zones as 6 playable characters!
Enjoy and please report any glitches and bugs.

Tags: sonic, red, colors, gm8, game, land, seaside, resort, green, hill, hedgehog, 2d, race, maker, knuckles, tails, adventure, engine, tutorial, emerald, gameplay, homing, 3d, revival, unleashed, speed, team, sega

Released 2012-06-18
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Rating 4.2 (by 13 users)
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Version 3
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