Techno the Hedgehog

Sonic is missing, and Eggman has collected all the Chaos Emeralds. To stop him, GUN makes a replacement clone of Sonic, called Project Techno Beta, or simply "Techno". You play as Techno in your mission to stop Eggman from destroying the planet.

-Spacebar or Shift: Jump (press twice and hold to Hoverboard)
-Arrow Keys: Move
-Control: Ring Shockwave (only if you have 10 or more rings)
-F3: Enter Password or Cheat Code
-F4: Full screen on/off
-Enter: Pause game (if playing a level) or skip cutscene (if watching a cutscene)
-Home: Reset game

I finished making Techno the Hedgehog in Novemeber of 2006. Since then, it has recieved great reviews, a growing number of fans, and reviews by several professional-quality sites. It has also participated in Cagematch, a weekly compeition that used to be held at the Game Maker Community, and has been given an honorable mention in the Sonic Creative Awards 2007.
It was made in unregistered GM, so there is no 360 movement. There are a few engine flaws, but I made the engine when I was relatively new to Game Maker, so try to be forgiving. Please note that I don't plan on updating TtH anymore, because it's an old game and I'm currently very busy with some other GM projects. A sequel, which will be far superior to TtH, has been planned, but work on it won't begin until sometime next year.

The game has several cheat codes for unlocking cool stuff, which you can earn by completing the game and watching the credits play through. If you don't have enough patience for that, though, you can find a full list of cheats and other secrets here:

I hope you enjoy it!

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Released 2007-12-15
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