Paradox Hunter

Everything self drawn 😁. Press Space during the intro. A short game that I sadly abandon that I felt had some potential. The story has been scripted but wont be implemented in the game. This was for the "Brawl Winter Competition"(A dead competition due to the lack of competitors). Its also my first submission of 2012! Also please rate or comment. Big thanks to Elec for music. All graphics done by me. Couple of bugs. Even after the competition I still might work on this game, sort of want to add more concepts I didn't get to add. Many concepts I've thought of adding, hack and slash game play wise.

Tags: sword, hack, and, slash, rose, slime, rock, warrior, final, fantasy, epic, game, leave, comment, rate, please

Released 2012-01-31
Category Adventure
Rating 4.0 (by 12 users)
Downloads 196
Version 2
ID 193641
Slug paradox-hunter