Ghouls forest 3

You're a hero. And a damn good one at that. You've killed beast after beast and have won award after award for your accomplishments in the wilderness. Your home town sees you as a hero, but it is not enough for you. When you hear of a man being executed for scaring the public with foolish lies of a screaming monster in the forbidden forest, you begin to wonder. Perhaps there was more to the forbidden forest than people said? You recklessly take your bow and head out, with thoughts of the ultimate prize. You search all day for the beast, but find nothing. Disappointed, you give up and make camp. A few hours into the night a strange noise awakens you. You swiftly grab your guns and start to realise that this challenge has turned into a fight for survival!

Tags: ghoul, 3d, shooter, scary, cutmanmike, scream, jitterskull, sjas, creeper, yurei

Released 2011-12-23
Category Shooter
Rating 4.2 (by 5 users)
Downloads 7623
Version 4
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