Sonic Reloaded Demo 2

This is the second demo of my Upcoming fan game Sonic Reloaded.
No story as of yet... I'll need help on that later..

Lots of new things were added in since Demo 1.

This demo contains the following

-New Hub Zone
- 3 new stages
-Underwater Physics
-Super Sonic (Super Sonic is playable in the demo. Collect 50 rings, jump and press X) (Super Sonic can also fly, while in the air perform an Air boost and hold the up button)
-Sonic Generations style trick system.
-Sonic Color's style physics (double jump)
-Special Stages (so far only one is available) Collect 5 Red rings to unlock.
-Game Saves (The game now saves your data.)
-Boost Toggle On and off(To toggle it go see Tails and follow the onscreen instructions)
- No boost mode (Alters the Stage so that boosting isn't a requirement)
- Low Memory Usage during gameplay ( Its been cut down by nearly a 3rd) thanks to CleanMem
-Frame Rate increase thanks to Grid Spacial Indexing.

(This game may still lag on weaker PC's but for the most part it runs fairly quick on my desktop and on my laptop which is 5 times weaker than my desktop.)

System Requirements
Os: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Ram: 1 GB (2GB is recommended)
Processor: 1ghz or higher
GPU: 512mb (recommended 1gb or higher)
Sound: (your sound card should be able to support OGG Music playback)

Tags: sonic, reloaded, unleashed, generations, speed, fast, 20th, anniversary

Released 2011-11-30
Category Adventure
Rating 4.1 (by 23 users)
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Version 1
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