Domino Playground

by _Link_

Rube Goldberg style game. You can place various objects around the level such as dominos, rocks and platforms. Plus it has proper physics.
There is now the .gmk file in the .zip (if u use it remember 2 credit Chris Giles for the physics!!!!! and posibly me i dont care). The game tends to freeze evrynow and again dus to the fact my GM7 and gmphysics don't like each other (Press alt-tab then right click on the game and close it if this happens). Main reasons for freezing are, creating lots of objects, creating objects inside other objects and trying to freeze the game =D.

Tags: rube, goldberg, domino, builder, physics, gmphysics, playground

Released 2007-12-07
Category Platform
Rating 3.4 (by 96 users)
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Version 3
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