Vrop N Pew 3 (Beta 2)

by Rawb

Alright, Heres a full level of minblowing graphics and 2 bosses! (One of them being a mini-boss but oh well.) Downloading is advised as instantplay doesnt work well with large files.
Arrow keys & Z To move n shoot. -iRawr

Tags: vrop, pew, vnp, threequel, sexy, cake, pie, chopper, mudkips, storyline, irawr, new, beta, explosions, explosjuns, colors, shooter, shmup, derp, naked, cheerleaders, cookies, adventure, green, hills, sun, coins, money, toast

Released 2011-10-31
Category Shooter
Rating 4.6 (by 18 users)
Downloads 391
Version 1
ID 188477
Slug vrop-n-pew-3-beta-2