Sonic Light and Darkness

SAGE Update v2.1: Fixed custom key bindings for menus.
To those who played this with lag, I'm trying to optimise the game to rid of as much lag as possible. Also, the Egg Dome is being redone to be more prettier and less bad. There will also be more attack moves, Prettier RPG menus and features, new gimmicks, a redesigned HUD and more RPG elements.

Original: My 3rd attempt at making a Sonic game. This time, I'm using a modified Sonic Revival Unleashed engine for this game. Same concept from my previous attempt along with the same story. Hopefully, I can finish this game. Press F1 for help.

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Tags: sonic, hedgehog, pc, speed, revival, legends, platform, adventure, rpg, dark, super, light, darkness

Released 2011-09-19
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Version 7
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