And then he fell

This game was made for the No.3 GMC Jam. In 72 hours, GM developers were challenged to create a game using the theme 'LIVE'; I took quite a literal approach to it!

Game Info:

- Move in a bubble around the maze of life, collecting "memory icons" to complete your life.

- Each experience changes a number of stats, such as mood, personality, money, friends, etc. This affects certain things within the game and the end summary of your life.

- The game ends when you collect 50 memories, if you complete the maze before you reach 50 memories, you will enter an extra area where icons will appear based on the experiences you've already collected.

- You can go as fast as you can, blowing through life collecting any and all experiences, be more cautious and seek out different experiences through life's maze, or even navigate out of the maze to enter a new place shaped by your expriences.

- Leading a good life will unlock a secret mode!


WASD (or arrow keys) To move
Left Click: Click on an icon to reveal the experience

Want to play more games made in 72 hours? Want to vote for my game? (Course you do!) then check out this link:

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Released 2011-08-03
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