Ice Breaker

by Silen

Logic Puzzle Game.
The aim of the game is to charge up power generator and don't become frozen. Left mouse button turns the element counterclockwise, right button turns the element clockwise. Two and more connected elements keep their charge, so there is no need to build an uninterrupted circuit from primary energy source. Mouse wheel selects special tools if you have any. For example: broken elements can be repaired with Wrench tool, battery tool charges any element on the map, wirecutters tool allows you to extract elements from the map and move them to your inventory and others. To pick up a tool, charge an element with its icon.

- 40 unique and interesting levels in 8 stages.
- 4 special tools for breaking and 6 bonuses.
- Amazing graphics with dynamic light, shadows and shining effects.
- Level generator for unlimited play.
- 3 game modes (Beginner, Experienced, Professional) with different game style.

Tags: competition01, logic, puzzle, ice, breaker

Released 2007-11-29
Category Puzzle
Rating 4.0 (by 308 users)
Downloads 9347
Version 0
ID 18262
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