Gangs of New York

by sprotz

A Grand Theft style game set in New York city and parts of the US. Contains 1 mission, 60 types of vehicles, and there are things to do like buying homes, buying clothes etc. There is also taxi mode, police vigilante mode, ambulance mode, bus mode and race mode.
High system requirement. Close all browsers for maximum performance. This is version 15. Website:

Tags: gta, grand, theft, auto, new, york, simulator, driving, train, plane, flight, shooting, 3d, crime, clone, ship, ultimate3d, gangs, of, gang, war, mafia, shooter, true, free, bus, city

Released 2011-07-07
Category Adventure
Rating 4.1 (by 27 users)
Downloads 8357
Version 3
ID 181075
Slug gangs-of-new-york