Sonic Quick Step Challenge Versi...

A fan game base on Sonic Unleashed, it's completely different from other sonic 2D game.
This version 5 have 4 more levels include Chun-nan and Mazuri Boss.
The Data is saved in a file called "SQSC save", don't move it or die.
And the music in the "Music" file are highly recommanded to no to touch them.

Enjoy my fan game! Plz report any bugs/glitches to me!

Tags: sonic, unleashed, generations, colors, 2d, fan, game, apotos, windmill, isle, act, gameplay, tutorial, maker, green, hill, zone, classic, playstation, downloadable, demo, wii, violet, void, power, in, missions, purple, frenzy, blue, cube, cyan, laser, pink, spikes, hover, yellow, drill, underwater, orange, rocket, red, burst, ryuusei, no, rockman, shooting, star, noise, megaman, battle, network, omega, zeta, beta, sigma, lock, on

Released 2011-06-27
Category Adventure
Rating 4.1 (by 16 users)
Downloads 16220
Version 19
ID 180017
Slug sonic-quick-step-challenge-version-10-by-brianuuu