by sakisa


This is a story of a brave boy who traveled the seas of Greece with his parents.
The name of the boy was Timaeus.
One day the water was calm until something unusual and sad was happened.
A giant sea monster just came out from nowhere and attacked the ship with a great force!
The parents of Timaeus have been lost in the deep sea.
Timaeus couldn't do anything to save them but now he must do something to save him self.
Suddenly the help came by the gods. A dolphin have saved Timaeus and now he must run away from the monster and find a way to bring his parents back.
God Hades was responsible for the loss of his parents and Timaeus knew that.
And the adventure has just been started for Timaeus.

Tags: action, adventure, sakisa, sakis25, 3d, zelda, greece, greek, gods, myth

Released 2011-06-27
Category Adventure
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Slug mythology