Sonic Origins 2

by Darkleo

Go back in time with this great adventure of Sonic, the world's most famous hedgehog!
Jump on a mine cart avoiding pits of molten lava, hold on to your glider to overcome icy depths, make your way through the lights and switches of the city and much more in this new episode of Sonic Origins completely inspired by the first adventures of blue hedgehog on the Master System! Six different environments (more than 20 levels!), fearsome enemies, bosses, special stages and a nice surprise for the most nostalgics! Sonic Origins 2 will fascinate you!

Tags: sonic, origins, platform, game, old, school, action, speed, classic, retro, master, system, genesis, blue, blur, sega

Released 2011-06-23
Category Platform
Rating 4.9 (by 25 users)
Downloads 9771
Version 4
ID 179522
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