Shooting Stuff 2- Save the Princess

Take generic supersoldier Max Flightmaster on the "greatest" adventure of all time! The evil Guys have kidnapped the princess, and a traitor's on the loose! You and Colonel Badass are sent on a mission to save her, but is it a trap? And what have the Guys been building this time? Have fun with this FPS parody!

This is a complete game, but many planned features are missing. Maybe someday I'll update it or make another one.

I forgot to thank my sister for voicing the Princess! Thanks, Abby!

PPS: Thanks to wisemeat56 for the Reloaded Engine! It's really versatile, as long as you have time for extra programming.

Tags: fps, first, person, shooter, shooting, stuff, combat, devolved, chapter, game, enemies, generic, guys, marines, max, flightmaster, justin, bieber, princess, kidnapping, rescue, funny, parody, spoof, reloaded, engine, rainbowchicken, rainbow, chicken

Released 2011-06-07
Category Shooter
Rating 4.4 (by 11 users)
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Version 1
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