Save Ultimate Wainbow Kitty

Sorta like Frogger but with epic explosions and huge guns.... oh, and cats.

Shoot up cars! Cause AMAZING chaotic car pileups, explosions... and rescue Wainbow Kitty!

Play as an old granny with a super minigun who needs to save the Ultimate Not-So-Magic Wainbow Kitty on the other side of the extremely chaotic highway. Shoot cars to stop them, cause pileups to make a clear path on the road for you to cross! Once you save kitty you will have to bring both of them back home in time for din dins, and kitty has a nice surprise once collected...

Tags: old, granny, with, giant, minigun, shoot, explosions, action, packed, and, amazing, this, will, blow, your, mind, all, over, the, god, damn, room

Released 2011-04-22
Category Shooter
Rating 4.2 (by 157 users)
Downloads 6994
Version 3
ID 172110
Slug save-ultimate-wainbow-kitty