The Hanrahan Game - Final Mix

Your arch-nemisis, Mr Parsons, has kidnapped your wife to lure you to his head-quarters.
Fight your way through his minions and save your wife and the universe from Mr Parsons and his evil schemes.

-Ninjas and pirates and vikings and stuff
-Swordplay action
-10 various pickups to kill your enemies in even more ways
-7 different landscapes to fight your way through
-7 different bosses, including the elusive white ninja
-A crazy, in-depth storyline
-A hidden landscape, including 2 more bosses
-Battle Arenas
-Cool Menus

Tags: hanrahan, game, ninja, pirate, parsons, hoani, jack, russel, the, final, mix

Released 2007-11-17
Category Adventure
Rating 3.6 (by 411 users)
Downloads 11997
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