by oldbomb

Update: BEEF 2.1 NerdQuiz! + Achievements!
A game about the german TV-Program "Game One". Choose one of the moderators (Budi , Simon, Eddy, Nils) and play 4 Mini-Games. featuring 1 and 2 Player (local), languages: english and german.

Spielt die Moderatoren von GameOne (Budi, Simon, Eddy, Nils) in 4 Minispielen (Halo, Speedcubing, Kart, NerdQuiz). 1 oder 2 Spieler (lokal), Sprachen: deutsch und englisch.

Tags: beef, budi, simon, eddy, nils, giga, independent, game, oldbomb, cube, speedcubing, halo, kart, royal, german, mtv, viva, deutsch, mariokart, nerd, quiz, nerdquiz

Released 2011-04-01
Category Arcade
Rating 4.3 (by 15 users)
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Version 4
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