Mario and Luigi Platform Bash

by Xxypher

Crap, I will start out stating that I had typed a huge summery of the game now, and what it will be, but it was erased when I clicked next and it said I had forgot to put up the file.


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THe game is a platform style game with Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi. You play as Mario while the three others follow you. This is not multiplayer at the moment.

Mario's attack and special are "A".
Luigi's is "S".
Waluigi's is "D".
And Wario's is "F".

The arrow keys are to walk, and space is to jump.

The enemy AI needs some work, but they will chase and follow you through the entire level if they have to. They will jump up platforms and jump down if they have to to get you.

And remember, this is an early beta, so don't get totally judgmental.

Thus copy and pasted from 64D.

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