Infinite Zombies 3D


Version 1.3
A hard zombie FPS Featuring 3 levels, 5 weapons, and an endless stream of zombies.

Tags: hard, zombie, fps, first, person, shooter, 39, dll, house, ghoul, manor, claustrofoby, cathedral, sosse, zombies, pistol, gun, assault, rifle, machine, sub, smg, run, aim, down, sights, glow, bloom, toao, glowing, eyes, creepy, mine, infected, double, marrel, shotgun, reload, menu, nice, great, best, ever, d3d, infinite

Released 2011-02-28
Category Shooter
Rating 4.7 (by 112 users)
Downloads 19245
Version 7
ID 165875
Slug infinite-zombies-3d