Super Luigi World 2

This is a mario-clone type game were you play as Luigi in the role of Mario. This game really has nothing much to do with Super Luigi World 1 except that luigi is playing. There no story either other then the normal mario one. All you have to do is go through 8 worlds of 4 levels each battling different types of enemies that bowser has laid for you. In the end you finally get to Bowsers castle and you have to save Princess Peach. This game is basically like a Super Mario Bros clone from Super Mario Allstars. All the level themes are the same. All the graphics and music and sounds effects are ripped from it.

Tags: super, luigi, world, mattsoftware

Released 2007-04-27
Category Platform
Rating 3.7 (by 64 users)
Downloads 3779
Version 2
ID 165
Slug super-luigi-world-2