Early WIP of a game Peps1992 and I have been working on. I done the programming and he made all the in-game art (except the temp cityscape). Any art on the menus is temporary and from other sources.

This is designed for iPad specs and hence the control setup. It's printed on screen but I'll say them anyway: A & D are movement, S is an action key that pops up when available. Left and Down are action keys (Up currently does nothing). Space isn't displayed, but you can use it when next to a stunned robot to "get on". And P pauses the game.

I'll update this description when I'm not tired, in pain and or late.

Tags: cybergeddon, cyber, robot, side, scrolling

Released 2011-01-26
Category Shooter
Rating 4.2 (by 13 users)
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Version 1
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