City of the Duce

City of the Duce is an actually working fantasy 3D RPG, completely made in Game Maker, without using any external 3D graphics DLL's.

Walk through beautifully handcrafted 3D enviroments, fight monsters, jump through area's, train your skills, play minigames, and defeat Ziragh!

More information ingame.

Awarded prizes:
"Best Use of Game Development Software Award" in the Creative Game Challenge 2010-2011
"Best game of the Year" in the GameMaker Awards of the Dutch GMC

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Source code available:

Tags: city, of, the, duce, search, for, water, 3d, 3dtpsrpg, rpg, fantasy, d3d, combat, bluemoonproductions, blue, moon, productions, medival, role, playing, game, world, creative, challenge, cgc, creativegamechallenge

Released 2011-01-23
Category Adventure
Rating 4.4 (by 106 users)
Downloads 5687
Version 7
ID 161125
Slug city-of-the-duce