Shensetta - Air RPG

Air RPG is a small NES styled
game. Most of the features
should be familiar if you've
played the old Nintendo Metroid
series. A few RPG elements
are also present such as
obtaining experience, using
items, and leveling up to make
yourself stronger. The ability to
fly in-game is a Balloon Fighter

There is no actual story, but the
game does have a basic plot.
You play as an exterminator
sent to demolish the existence
of harmful pest that dwell
underground. This is a Metroid
reference, where the plot is
basically destroy the evil
mother brain and exterminate
the metroids.

This was an experimental
project, but it is very well
polished. There is also
documentation present. Press
F1 in-game for reference.

Everything was made by me
except for the music.

If anything is wrong with the
game, please provide
constructive criticism or report
any disturbances or bugs.

Tags: metroid, balloon, fighter, retro, bit, nes, nintendo

Released 2011-01-15
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Rating 4.3 (by 161 users)
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Version 9
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