Donkey Kong Country 4 - The DK Bay

by A_Penn

Press F1 for instructions.

An extended sequel to the Donkey Kong Country series. This game contains 30 full levels, 60 bonus coins, 7 bosses and a bonus world. Special thanks to aperson98 and Necrotoad for making custom graphics specifically for this game.

Version History:

V1.0 - [08/01/2011]

Tags: dkc, donkey, kong, diddy, cranky, wrinkly, dk, bay, country, rool, krool, platform, nintendo, rare, retro, dixie, rambi, squawks, squitter, engaurde, kremling

Released 2011-01-09
Category Platform
Rating 4.3 (by 49 users)
Downloads 4215
Version 1
ID 159275
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