Ammo Roar

by Zack

Ammo Roar is what you get when you throw Super Crate Box and Super Big Gun Adventure in a blender, add a ton of blood and throw a little creative difficulty on top: a fun, arcade shooter.

Because Newton is so awesome, when shooting your gun, you'll be repelled in the opposite direction. This calls for a unique, but sometimes frustrating gameplay experience. Sure, you could hide in a corner and defend your territory from blood thirsty zombies - but that's no fun!

Features local, level specific and online scores, twelve levels of unique environments, eight unlockable characters and great chiptune music.


Tags: shooter, ammo, roar, hard, difficult, fun, super, crate, box, blood, zombies, gun, bullets, cool, retro, chiptune, music

Released 2011-01-08
Category Arcade
Rating 4.1 (by 168 users)
Downloads 7857
Version 6
ID 159135
Slug ammo-roar