Air Hockey Unlimited

PM me if you want cheat codes!
* Realistic physics
* 20 Challenges
* 20 Unlockables
* 10 Achievements
* Streamlined presentation
* 4 original songs
* Great Graphics
* Full customization
* Tons of modes and settings
* Auto save/loadPlay matches or complete challenges to earn cash.
Spend this cash in the store to unlock all sorts of cool things, from new tables and mallets to item pickups and music.
Customize your experience in the settings menu.
Prove your skill by earning all 10 medals!

Uses physics scripts created by Thomas Smid and Icuurd12b42. Neon mode distortion grid effect originally created by TheSnidr

Tags: air, hockey, hocky, sports, arcade, vertex, matt, gold

Released 2011-01-06
Category Arcade
Rating 4.7 (by 109 users)
Downloads 8058
Version 2
ID 158992
Slug air-hockey-unlimited