Shooting Stuff Combat Devolved

Violence enthusiast Max Flightmaster is a supersoldier who likes to shoot stuff. But what will happen when An army of generic enemies, robot Miley Cyrus, and a zombie virus get involved???

Chaspter 1 of the epic (ly stupid) series I'm making. The point was to mess around with FPS's while still making a decent game. Several elements were scrapped but should be here next game! And the part with the zombie Justin Biebers technically makes this a "survival horror" game...

Edit 4/15: Release of chapter 2 is being delayed by a couple weeks due to my GM randomly reverting to Lite. I haven't found my license yet, and SoftWrap won't give me anything.

Tags: fps, first, person, shooter, justin, bieber, miley, cyrus, supersoldier, survival, horror, funny, parody

Released 2010-12-30
Category Shooter
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Version 3
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