by Ghost@

This is a cod4-like game I created for people who really loves this game and don't have/cant afford
a good enough graphics card.
So It's just running around a so called shipment-looking place and killing randomly spawned spetsnazians because It's a beta version.
Well I created it for other reasons too but whatever.

Tags: cod4, veteran, shooting, knifing, gun, kill, soldier, melitary, fps, mw2, blackops, ghost, afterdark, flare, clemens, melee, m4carbine, ak47, 9mm, colt, smg, mp5, p90, mw1, mw3, call, of, duty, black, ops, cod, modern, warfare, perk, perks, rifle, pistol, lmg, sniper, shotgun, whatever, usmc, marines, sas, spetsnaz, spetznas, opfor, opposing, force, shipment, house, attachment, tomahawk, navy, storm, desert, raid, delta, hawk, down, doglin, crap, anything, dark, stalker, franz, morriso

Released 2010-12-24
Category Shooter
Rating 4.2 (by 58 users)
Downloads 7690
Version 1
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