Super Mario Pearls of Wisdom

Mario and Luigi have been invited on a cruise by Peach and Daisy. However, Tatanga causes chaos for the friends and plots to take over the Mushroom World! Help Mario locate the 6 Pearls of Wisdom and defeat Tatanga's forces!
- 8 bright and imaginative worlds
- Elemental YI style bosses
- Tatanga returns as a villain
- Each world has a hub area where you can play minigames, buy items and talk to people.
- secrets to collect after clearing the game once

Tags: super, mario, pearls, of, wisdom, luigi, bros, peach, daisy, toad, ship, adventure, fan, game, tatanga, aliens, invasion, yoshi, power, ups, world

Released 2010-12-23
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Rating 4.8 (by 79 users)
Downloads 27100
Version 2
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