by sakisa

The ultimate top-down GTA clone created with GM. Version info:
ADDED A NEW CITY (60% done)(press 'N' button for a test)
Added bank (you can store your cash)
1 New weapon (Lasergun)
Fixes in the strip club wink1.gif
Added a helicopter (behind the fire department)
More GFX fixes and sound fixes
Other general fixes

Version 0.2:
Mine Shop garage
Added Submission (with Cop car)
GFX Fixes
Sound Fixes
Added Pause screen (Enter)
3 New weapons (C4,Minigun,Spray)
More buildings
Fixed the collision problem
You can buy safehouses
More vehicles (motorbikes, jetski ,tank, RCs e.g.)
Added 5 Save slots
More enterable buildings
Now you can save and load the game
More fixes

Version 0.1:
People AI
Detailed Minimap
NOS upgrades garage
Pay n' Spray garage
10 Weapons (including molotov, flamethrower,
grappler, watergun and more)
Realistic Effects
Areas names
Day & Night Effects
Map (you can add a point)
Speedometer with Gears
Dynamic Camera
First City size 6000x6500

Tags: crimelife, gta, grand, theft, auto, 3d, action, sakis25

Released 2007-11-03
Category Strategy
Rating 3.8 (by 1314 users)
Downloads 78101
Version 0
ID 15689
Slug crimelife