Splodem Down

With some great music by: dungeecount.newgrounds.com

Controls: arrows z, and x

Shoot the machines as they arise on chains from the flames below. Enemy bullets push you, don't hit the fire or the saw blades. There are powerups which are sometimes provided when an enemy is blown to smithereens. Collect these to get temporary awesome weapons to splodem down even more! May take a few tries to get the hang of it.

When you have a shield you can use X to fire 3 deathly homing shots.

Shield protects you from fire and saws.

Cheese is rather nice.

Inspired by cactus' Ad Nauseam 2 and SeizureDome

Tags: aknashlarvin, win, vanshan, shoot, em, down, shooter, yum, colors, action, abstract, splosions, explode, explosion, explosions, mmm, how, bout, some, whhaaaarrr, sun, screen, in, me, bloody, eyes, man

Released 2010-12-01
Category Shooter
Rating 4.3 (by 155 users)
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Version 11
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