Negima! Magister Negi Magi - Los...

Negi Springfield, son of the legendary Thousand Master, and his team, the "White Wing" has finally arrived in Mundus Magicus, the Mage world, but before he has a chance to enter the capital city, to look for information on his missing father's whereabouts, is ambushed by his nemesis Fate Averruncus, who with his three mysterious companions, beats up on Negi and his comrades, before destroying the teleporter keystone and scattering the White Wing throughout the magic world. Negi finds himself stranded in a hostile monster-infested jungle without his staff, and his only companion is Chachamaru.
Can he find his companions and get on with his quest? What about the villainous Fate? What is he up to and what was he doing in the gateway chamber?

This is still WIP, it is only the beginning of a battle engine, I have a LOT to do before I can work on the story, it is based off the latest arc of the manga, and the story is still in early stages, credit for the characters, setting and story goes to Ken Akamatsu the Author of Negima! and also of Love Hina.

Released 2007-10-31
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