Scrolling4Fun Version 4 BETA

by Keitake

NOTE: This is yet another MapleStory fan game, a scrolling simulator. ReadMe is included in the files.

Scrolling4Fun is a MapleStory scrolling simulator made by gakuto and FiraaBisto of TheReapers.
It used to be a private 'toy' for us but we decided to release it for others to play with too! ^_^V
A lot of changes were made since version 1!
Thanks to those from Asiasoft Forums, this simulator is now complete.


This program does not in any way, have magical powers that will predict or guarantee
your luck in scrolling In-Game so please do not e-mail me, blaming me on your bad luck =P

Tags: scrolling, fun, maple, story, simulator, beta, tester, version, four, scrolling4fun

Released 2007-10-30
Category Strategy
Rating 3.5 (by 51 users)
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