Protoganda: Strings

by cactus

This game's graphics were inspired by old movies with special effects made without the use of computers. And to some extent by the feeling you get from watching old propaganda movies. The gameplay is a fairly straight boss fight flare, with a focus on time, rather than lives.

You start out with three minutes playtime. Defeating a boss gives you an extra fifteen seconds. Being killed deducts forty. If the timer reaches zero, you die.

There are two different gameplay modes, "absorb" and "shield". Shield gives the player a defensive tool that can be used to get out of tight spots; press Z + X to repell bullets. You also get a chargeable shooting function that automatically targets the enemy. Hold X untill your ship is glowing, and then release. Z fires your main cannon.

In Absorb mode, I borrowed heavily from the great Ikaruga. You can switch color to become invulnerable against bullets of the same color as yourself. Touching a bullet absorbs it, and you build up power to release a charge shot, as well as replenish a bit of time. Bullets of the color opposite to the enemy does more damage.

There are two online highscore boards (one for each mode), and a variety of different options to extend the fun.

Tags: shmup, shoot, em, up, 3d, arcade, awesome, stylish, explosions, action, fun, weird, cool, insane, crazy, cactus, poppenkast, protoganda:, strings

Released 2007-10-25
Category Shooter
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