WARNING: This game is full of violence and blood. UPDATE: Online highscores added by Aidan Rypens! GORE (Greatly Overused Rude Elements) is an extreme hack-and-slash game where you have to cut down as many zombies as you can with your machete! Get to the highscores by cutting off heads, slashing guts and throwing knifes at zombies!
Online highscores will be added later.
ATTENTION: A high screen resolution is recommended!
- Arrow keys to moce
- Z to attack
- X To throw a knife
- Space to select
- Escape for main menu

Tags: granitegear, aidan, rypens, gore, greatly, overused, rude, elements, zombie, zombies, machete, hack, slash, cut, gut, guts, blood, violence, gross

Released 2010-10-09
Category Other
Rating 4.6 (by 156 users)
Downloads 7740
Version 2
ID 147242
Slug gore