HexSweeper 2

The long coming, we're talking years, sequel to my first released game.

Use your powers of deduction to get through as many random and increasingly difficult levels as you can and get the highest online score!

Gameplay doesn't change that much but I've taken some ideas on board, Such as flagging hexes that you think are red. And a pretty accurate scoring system along with online highscores. It's 3D, and to some degree this is helpful to the gameplay. And it also features a picture tutorial.

More little updates will come along; adding sounds, graphical themes and other general stuff.

Enjoy. 😊

Tags: hex, hexagon, hexsweeper, mine, minesweeper, sweeper, 3d, online, highscores, high, scores, clouds, deduction

Released 2010-10-06
Category Puzzle
Rating 4.0 (by 75 users)
Downloads 3980
Version 4
ID 146836
Slug hexsweeper-2